Friday, 24 April 2009

Its Friday!

YAY!! means hopefully i will get a bit of a lie in tomorrow! Its all well and good being a bit of a night owl, more crafting time, less disruptions whilst crafting etc, but its a bummer getting up at stupid o'clock to get kids ready for school!
This week has just flown past, kids are really enjoying being back at school, yes, i have 2 children who complain if they haven't got enough homework to do and will spend hours making up their own! On the other hand i have a 16yr old that i have been having an ongoing battle with regarding his GCSE coursework, or in his case, lack of! Add to the normal temper tantrums of a 16yr old, he has Aspergers and it really feels like i am bashing my head off a wall trying to get through to him, teachers aren't succeding either!
Enough of my moaning, this last week i have been concentrating a lot on crocheting granny squares, i haven't yet decided what to do with them yet tho, i want a big blanket for the couch, but i also fancy some cushion covers. I am becoming a bit obsessed now with the little squares, think its time i learnt how to crochet something else lol.
I have also been knitting little prem baby size clothes, after reading a lot on the matter and speaking to a few people with prem babies, there doesn't seem to be a huge range of prem things readily available to buy so i came up with the idea of knitting lots of little mix & match type jumpers, trousers, cardigans etc etc. Of course these aren't just limited to prem babies but would also be perfect for reborn dolls etc. The pic is of a little mint green set i knit, i couldn't get over just how tiny the little bootees are!

Thank you for reading my twaffle for another day


  1. Liking the baby clothes - very sweet! :)

  2. Cute - I also love the custom order stripy jumper, dare I say those stripes would look fab on a seaside cushion!