Thursday, 16 April 2009

So sleepy!

Just as i was getting ready to go to bed last night, my youngest decided to be poorly! Now, i just can't sleep when any of the kids are like that so after cleaning him up, lots of cuddles and settling him down to sleep again i put the computer back on and watched tutorials on you tube & taught myself to crochet, ok so it's not anything fancy but its a step for me.

I have finished the custom order striped jumper i was working on, its now all ready to post off to the customer. Now comes the difficult part of trying to decide what to knit next.

Had a lovely parcel arrive this morning, i have started Fathers day shopping and i ordered a fab sock monkey from Hennie Isn't he just gorgeous!


  1. Wow! That jumper looks fab! And the sock monkey is too cute!
    Lou x