Friday, 17 April 2009

Another day

And still my little un isn't well hence another sleepless night for me, surely it can't last much longer can it? the zombie look really doesn't suit me.
On the crafting front, i had a productive day yesterday and produced 2 x 12in crochet squares and a rather chunky neck warmer for myself for the winter months (i'm just being prepared lol) Plans for the squares where to finish them off with fringing etc and sell as dolls pram blanket but after having sorted through my stash and finding lots of little odd balls i have decided to make some more the same size, all different colours and then join together and make a big cosy blanket to throw over the back of the couch. Can you tell that my favourite winter pass time is snuggling up with a nice warm blanket and either a god book or my knitting lol.
Anyway - latest project is a tank top for my dear grandson. This came about as i just couldn't decide what i wanted to knit so my eldest daughter decided for me lol. And as it won't take long ot do then i will be right back at square 1!

And now - with the summer (whats 1 of those?) rapidly approaching, we will all be digging out the little t shirts and vest tops etc. All that is needed is some lovely summery jewellery to g with them so if you are stuck for ideas pop along to Misi and have a look at Nicky's shop Enchanted Handmade Jewellery
See pics on my blog here for a couple of my favourite items


  1. Oh I love that pink bracelet of Nickys Its so nice.

  2. aww hope your little one is well soon, i also have that zombie look although there's nothing wrong with mine she just won't sleep!