Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lucky Me!!

Well in a previous blog i mentioned how i won Cupcake Clips from Caz of Pearls & Whirls, it would seem my winning streak is continuing! I had a lovely message from Jo of Jolicious Jewels to say i had won her blog giveaway, little parcel arrived this morning and ohh is it gorgeous! i won a beautiful little flip flop charm and a bag of beads! Now, i am a knitter but i am determined to find a use for the beads as they are too nice to do nothing with lol. Have a look at Jo's shop, it is full of gorgeous bits & pieces, my current piece being this beautiful Blue Lariat

Next up is Jean from Talking Beads, Jean was the winner of my blog giveaway and today blogged about the scarf she won, i am so pleased she liked it. Jean Recently had a giveaway on her blog also and myself along with 2 others were lucky enough to be picked to try our hand at bead weaving! I am looking forward to this with excitement & intrepidation, having seen some of the lovely pieces available in Talking Beads shop i do not want to make a mess of it!

It is that time of the year when school uniforms are on everyones shopping list, i have decided this year to knit my 7yr old daughter & 6yr old son their caridgan & jumper! WIsh me luck :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

And the winner is!

Tonight is draw night! As you can see, my kids are not is the least bit camera sh, in fact we were having arguments over who would draw the winner
Soo, without further ado - i am pleased to announce the winner is Jean, a lovely fluffy scarf to go with your grey winter jacket you haven't yet put away shall be winging its way to you as soon as you send me your address please.
Thank you all for entering xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Well Done!

Well it would appear that Misi is turning that corner & attracting more & more sales lately. I know quite a few sellers are all doing really well at the minute and i just wanted to say a big Well done to all concerned :)
Today i am babysitting my delightful grandson and completing an order. Sadly i'm not one of the ones doing so well with their Misi shop but i live in hope lol, i am however lept busy with orders through facebook & my loyal customers so a big thank you to all.

As schools are breaking up for many soon, why not check out the Teachers Gift Guide for some fab ideas

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, closing date is tomorrow

Sunday, 12 July 2009


well i thought it was about time i done a blog giveaway. Prizes up for grabs are a nice fluffy scarf or these cute little bunny egg cosies, take your pick :). All you got to do is leave a comment and state your choice of prize. winner will be drawn from a hat on Wednesday evening 15th July.
Good luck to all

Saturday, 11 July 2009

potty training & general twaffle :)

well i have 5 children, my mother was a very pushy type & had my eldest daughter potty trained by the age of 18months (she was my childcare while i worked) Anyways, i decided then with my other children to let them do things at their own pace, this worked fine with the middle 3 but my youngest is showing no signs whatsoever of letting go of the nappies and he will be 4 in October! We are in mega panic mode now as he starts nursery school on 7th Sept & has to be toilet trained!
Been to town this morning to buy him a new toilet seat, we have a magic stool for him to stand on, bought new pants and i've got a couple of little treats stashed away as rewards for him, now all i need is lots & lots of luck!

I've actually had a very good week this week, sold a few items, gotten a couple of custom orders, picked up a few bargains to go away for christmas (yes, i know its only July but like i said, i've got 5 kids to buy for lol)

My 6 & 7yr olds both came home from school at end of term with fantastic school reports so i bought them a little treat, gorgeous handmade necklaces from sprinkles sparkles on Misi, don't they look so happy with them :)


How long has it been since i blogged! Far too long by looks of things. So, i'll ease you all back in gently lol.
i have been so busy lately with custom orders, with the best seller at present being Timmy the cute little lamb from cbeebies programme Timmy Time (see pic)
I have been having a very good few weeks and to top it all off tonight i was picked as the winner of a blog comp run by the very lovely Caz of Pearls & Whirls and i won the beautiful little cupcake hairslides which i just know my 7yr old daughter is going to love!
I have also set myself up with a fanpage on facebook which can be found here Please do feel free to become a fan. if i have done things correctly, there should be a little button down the side of my blog somewhere!
Well, i shall leave it for there now but i promise not to leave it so long next time :)