Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Today i am very proud of myself! i am not in the slightest bit techno minded but after a little bit of advice from a fellow Misi seller who goes by the name of My funny bunny i have managed to add Misi links etc to my blog! Have a look at Monica's shop, some gorgeous little items in there!

Another proud moment came when i had to take a jumper apart and add button bands as the neckband was too tight, i managed to work it out myself without the aid of a pattern! Said jumper is a custom order which is coming along nicely, just got sleeves left to do.


  1. Jolly well done - your items look fab as always too x x

  2. Oh it looks brillant, clever you. Youknow you have to blog more now

  3. I dont know why but you always make me laugh! I have a mental pic of you madly eccentrically knitting all day, in a nice way!