Monday, 23 February 2009

tis Monday - yay!!i love monday mornings to get the kids to school, then i can get housework all done in peace!
sat last night knitting away and so far am about half way through pontipines, heres a pic of some i done before.

been and bought wool this morning all set for my next project which will be another Iggle Piggle and i hope to have these in my shop very soon.

well, best stop yakking and get on with it, bye for now xx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

so.... sunday evening. kids are all in bed, all school bit ready for morning so i am trying to tear myself away from pc to get some more knitting done. I am trying to stock up my little shop
Hello and Welcome to my ramblings.
please excuse if not perfect, 1st attempt at a blog but hey, gotta try it lol.

I am a knitter and shall probably be waffling about some of the things i have made. Current project is a set of Pontipines from the childrens tv programme In the Night Garden.