Friday, 24 April 2009

Its Friday!

YAY!! means hopefully i will get a bit of a lie in tomorrow! Its all well and good being a bit of a night owl, more crafting time, less disruptions whilst crafting etc, but its a bummer getting up at stupid o'clock to get kids ready for school!
This week has just flown past, kids are really enjoying being back at school, yes, i have 2 children who complain if they haven't got enough homework to do and will spend hours making up their own! On the other hand i have a 16yr old that i have been having an ongoing battle with regarding his GCSE coursework, or in his case, lack of! Add to the normal temper tantrums of a 16yr old, he has Aspergers and it really feels like i am bashing my head off a wall trying to get through to him, teachers aren't succeding either!
Enough of my moaning, this last week i have been concentrating a lot on crocheting granny squares, i haven't yet decided what to do with them yet tho, i want a big blanket for the couch, but i also fancy some cushion covers. I am becoming a bit obsessed now with the little squares, think its time i learnt how to crochet something else lol.
I have also been knitting little prem baby size clothes, after reading a lot on the matter and speaking to a few people with prem babies, there doesn't seem to be a huge range of prem things readily available to buy so i came up with the idea of knitting lots of little mix & match type jumpers, trousers, cardigans etc etc. Of course these aren't just limited to prem babies but would also be perfect for reborn dolls etc. The pic is of a little mint green set i knit, i couldn't get over just how tiny the little bootees are!

Thank you for reading my twaffle for another day

Monday, 20 April 2009

Back to school!

At last! After 2 long weeks the kids are back at school. i really am dreading the 9week summer hols already tho! Now i can get some semblance of normality back and hopefully bedrooms will stay tidy for a little more than 5minutes after i tidy them!
On the crafting front, I'm having a bit of a block at the minute and just can't decide what to do! I have just finished this little tank top for my grandson, knit another fluffy scarf which will make it into my shop at some point, and been crocheting granny squares. Did i tell you how proud i am of myself for actually being able to crochet half decently after half hour of tutorials on line? lol. I really want to knit something, i have so much wool just crying out to be used! I think i shall have another look through some patterns after lunch, really must shift and hang this washing out before the sun disappears

Friday, 17 April 2009

Another day

And still my little un isn't well hence another sleepless night for me, surely it can't last much longer can it? the zombie look really doesn't suit me.
On the crafting front, i had a productive day yesterday and produced 2 x 12in crochet squares and a rather chunky neck warmer for myself for the winter months (i'm just being prepared lol) Plans for the squares where to finish them off with fringing etc and sell as dolls pram blanket but after having sorted through my stash and finding lots of little odd balls i have decided to make some more the same size, all different colours and then join together and make a big cosy blanket to throw over the back of the couch. Can you tell that my favourite winter pass time is snuggling up with a nice warm blanket and either a god book or my knitting lol.
Anyway - latest project is a tank top for my dear grandson. This came about as i just couldn't decide what i wanted to knit so my eldest daughter decided for me lol. And as it won't take long ot do then i will be right back at square 1!

And now - with the summer (whats 1 of those?) rapidly approaching, we will all be digging out the little t shirts and vest tops etc. All that is needed is some lovely summery jewellery to g with them so if you are stuck for ideas pop along to Misi and have a look at Nicky's shop Enchanted Handmade Jewellery
See pics on my blog here for a couple of my favourite items

Thursday, 16 April 2009

So sleepy!

Just as i was getting ready to go to bed last night, my youngest decided to be poorly! Now, i just can't sleep when any of the kids are like that so after cleaning him up, lots of cuddles and settling him down to sleep again i put the computer back on and watched tutorials on you tube & taught myself to crochet, ok so it's not anything fancy but its a step for me.

I have finished the custom order striped jumper i was working on, its now all ready to post off to the customer. Now comes the difficult part of trying to decide what to knit next.

Had a lovely parcel arrive this morning, i have started Fathers day shopping and i ordered a fab sock monkey from Hennie Isn't he just gorgeous!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Today i am very proud of myself! i am not in the slightest bit techno minded but after a little bit of advice from a fellow Misi seller who goes by the name of My funny bunny i have managed to add Misi links etc to my blog! Have a look at Monica's shop, some gorgeous little items in there!

Another proud moment came when i had to take a jumper apart and add button bands as the neckband was too tight, i managed to work it out myself without the aid of a pattern! Said jumper is a custom order which is coming along nicely, just got sleeves left to do.

Monday, 13 April 2009

some of my Misi favs

time to share a few of my Misi favs at the minute. Vickie from needlesatdawn has been busy knitting some gorgeous barbie/sindy outfits while she recuperates after her op. these have inspired me to dress a couple of my daughters dolls lately after having dressed a couple of action men. this is my favourite item in Vickies shop at the minute

Next up is Hennie from Hennies nimble needles and her lovely gifts! there is so much in her shop that i would love, from sock monkeys, to tooth fairy pillows and much much more. this is my current fav tho, a fab little t shirt made into a cushion

hectic times!

well, kids are half way through their easter holidays and i am clinging to my sanity - barely!! how much am i looking forward to summer hols? answer - not much!
on the crafting front, i have been busy tho, completed a couple of custom orders and a couple more bits for my shop. I have also purchased some gorgeous handspun yarn which i am looking forward to knitting up tho not decided yet what in to?

Thursday, 2 April 2009

OMG i always forget i actually have a blog! so, many apologies. i shall get back to it hopefully later if not then tomorrow, update with my latest projects and a mention for a Misi seller. best pop off and see browse my wishlist to see who shall be my next victim lol