Saturday, 11 July 2009

potty training & general twaffle :)

well i have 5 children, my mother was a very pushy type & had my eldest daughter potty trained by the age of 18months (she was my childcare while i worked) Anyways, i decided then with my other children to let them do things at their own pace, this worked fine with the middle 3 but my youngest is showing no signs whatsoever of letting go of the nappies and he will be 4 in October! We are in mega panic mode now as he starts nursery school on 7th Sept & has to be toilet trained!
Been to town this morning to buy him a new toilet seat, we have a magic stool for him to stand on, bought new pants and i've got a couple of little treats stashed away as rewards for him, now all i need is lots & lots of luck!

I've actually had a very good week this week, sold a few items, gotten a couple of custom orders, picked up a few bargains to go away for christmas (yes, i know its only July but like i said, i've got 5 kids to buy for lol)

My 6 & 7yr olds both came home from school at end of term with fantastic school reports so i bought them a little treat, gorgeous handmade necklaces from sprinkles sparkles on Misi, don't they look so happy with them :)

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