Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lucky Me!!

Well in a previous blog i mentioned how i won Cupcake Clips from Caz of Pearls & Whirls, it would seem my winning streak is continuing! I had a lovely message from Jo of Jolicious Jewels to say i had won her blog giveaway, little parcel arrived this morning and ohh is it gorgeous! i won a beautiful little flip flop charm and a bag of beads! Now, i am a knitter but i am determined to find a use for the beads as they are too nice to do nothing with lol. Have a look at Jo's shop, it is full of gorgeous bits & pieces, my current piece being this beautiful Blue Lariat

Next up is Jean from Talking Beads, Jean was the winner of my blog giveaway and today blogged about the scarf she won, i am so pleased she liked it. Jean Recently had a giveaway on her blog also and myself along with 2 others were lucky enough to be picked to try our hand at bead weaving! I am looking forward to this with excitement & intrepidation, having seen some of the lovely pieces available in Talking Beads shop i do not want to make a mess of it!

It is that time of the year when school uniforms are on everyones shopping list, i have decided this year to knit my 7yr old daughter & 6yr old son their caridgan & jumper! WIsh me luck :)

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  1. You must be on a winning streak! Hope you got the hairclips OK? x