Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday again!

Is it just me or are the weeks flying past!!
here we are, Friday again, Tesco shop done and now having an hours peace and quiet while youngest has a snooze. yep, he was up at daft o'clock this morning. He is 3yrs old, one day soon hopefully he will realise that mummy does not "do" mornings lol
Plans for this afternoon - take 3 kids to soft play, now to me personally, this is pure hell! 90mins of purepanic, watching kids, making sure they aren't getting hurt, or hurting someone else. Why do kids suddenly turn into charging bulls the minute they see a ball pool? Hubby reckons i can just take my knitting with me and sit doing that while they play......HA HA HA!! can't you just tell this man has never been to softplay?
Speaking of knitting, I am on schedule to finish my current custm order this weekend - YAY!! shall post some pics as soon as it is finished, order details were " darkish grey, hooded cardigan with light blue trim". Pattern, shades, buttons etc all left to me, I like that! Still get a bit worried tho just incase its not right, shall have to wait until next week and find out tho

So, Mothers day on Sunday, hope all those mummy's out there have a lovely day and get spoilt rotten! I have my grandson Saturday night so i very much doubt i will get my lie in lol

enough rambling for today, have a good one. Blog ya l8r!! xx

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